Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Students

How can I apply?

You can apply via the following website :

The application portal opens on the 23rd of March. 

Please have all the documents from the checklist (below) ready.

When does the application period end?

The application deadline for admission in October is Mai, 15th  (Start of the Master's Programme in Political Economy only in the Winter Semester)

May I apply before I have received my Bachelors diploma?

Yes. Applications from students who have not yet graduated are welcome. Please submit your current academic transcript as pdf together with the supporting documents (with an officially certified translation into English or German, if applicable)

When are the results of the application procedure made public?

Usually, the admissions committee needs about six weeks to process the applications and to take a decision, starting from the application's deadline.

What are the criteria on which the applicant selection is based?

According to the admission rules, a series of soft and hard criteria decide on the admission of a candidate. The following critera do play a role for the admission committee:

  • What is the candidate's former study programme?
  • At which institution did he/she study before?
  • What grades were achieved?
  • Who has written the reference letters and how emphatetic is the recommendation given?
  • Is the motivation letter substantial?

Who should write my letter of recommendation?

Ideally the two letters of recommendation should be written by lecturers at your institution who are able to comment on your suitability and motivation for participating in the Master's programme. However, if that is not possible we are keen to accept letters by your employer

Letters of recommendation on letter-head paper and signed must be sent to  separately as PDF-files by the referees in English or German.

Can I hand documents after the application's deadline?

You have to fill out the online application and upload all the relevant documents before the end of the application deadline.

What language skills will be required?

Evidence of a sufficient command of English from one of the following English language tests:

  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (minimum grade: C)
  • IELTS (minimum grade: 5.5)
  • TOEFL (minimum grade: 87 Internet-based points)
  • alternatively:
  • evidence of 5 years continuous English classes at level German secondary school (minimum grade: "befriedigend)
  • completion of a minimum of four courses held in English in a previous relevant degree programme

Can I apply if I am not proficient in German?

Yes - all core courses of the programme are offered in English. There are some elective courses that are offered in German. We recommend all international students to learn German during their stay in Konstanz and e.g. take part in the GoKonstanz-programme, a one-month intensive language course offered in September by the international office.

Is there a minimum score for the GRE test?

No, we do not require a minimum score. However, please note that applicants with a good GRE score improve their chances of being selected.

Can I substitute GMAT scores for the GRE?

Results of the GRE test are desirable. If you cannot take the test, you can submit your GMAT Score with the application package.
However, please note that applicants with a good GRE score improve their chances of being selected.

Tuition Fees

All students: 160 EUR /semester (administrative fee). Additionally:

For EU/EEA citizens: no tuition fees.
Non EU/EEA Citizens: 1500 EUR /semester.

For a list of scholarships please follow the link:

First-year Students

Which lectures do I have to attend in the first semester?

In the first semester you have attend the following classes:

  • Research Design I (9 ECTS)
  • Advanced Microeconomics OR Advanced Macroeconomics (10 ECTS)
    (Students with a Bachelor in Political Science can choose Microeconomics II during the second semester instead of Adv. Microeconomics)
  • International Relations and European Integration (7 ECTS)
  • Comparative Public Policy and Politics (7 ECTS).

Dates and rooms for the lectures are available in the course catalogue for the Master’s Programme.

Do I have to register for the lectures?

No, you just have to register for the examinations and the seminars.

Where do I get a transcript of records?

You can obtain a transcript of records via the Online Portal ZEuS (My Studies ► My Achievements). If you need a sealed transcript of records, please apply for it in a written form with your personal signature at the Examination Office (Ms. Elvira Böhler).

Exam Procedures

Do I have to register for the examinations?

Yes, via Online Portal ZEuS. The registration is only possible with a valid TAN-number. Generate your TAN-list on ZEuS ► My Studies ►Student Service ► Reports. Registration is only possible within the registration period. For information regarding the registration period,
visit the visit the following websites:

Is it possible to withdraw an examiniation registration?

Yes, within the registration period via the  Online Portal ZEuS.
Important: It is not possible to withdraw from the examination after the registration period.

What happens if I fail an examination on the first try?

There is a resit-examination for each exam in April/October.  If you fail a seminar you might have to retake it in the next semester. Please talk to the respective lecturer.

What happens if I fail a resit-examination?

A second resit-examination is possible two times during the Master´s Programme. For more information, please contact the MSc Political Economy Programme Coordinator (Ms Alexandra Morris).

What shall I do if I am ill on the examination day?

If you cannot attend an examination due to illness, please proceed accordingly:
For exams from the Department of Economics, you must inform Mrs Böhler before the exam begins and forward a medical certificate form immediately (i.e. on the day of the exam) to Mrs Böhler (F 258, tel.: 07531 88 2314, e-mail: The form is available at this address.

For exams from the Department of Politics and Public Administration, you must inform Mrs Dold before the exam begins and forward a medical certificate form immediately (i.e. on the day of the exam) to Mrs Dold (D 349, tel.: 07531 88 2341, e-mail: The form is available at this address.

What happens if I do not attend an examination without excuse?

Unexcused absence is assessed with the grade 5,0 (fail)