Exams and seminars

during your studies

There are two examination periods each semester:

  • main examination period in February / July
  • resit exams in April / October

Your questions answered

How do I sign up for exams?

As you may know, at the University of Konstanz you register for your examinations, not your classes (exception: seminars). You sign up for an exam via ZEuS within the registration period. Within this period, you can also withdraw your registration. 

Can I defer one of the modules of the compulsory subject area Quantitative Economics?

Yes, you are allowed to defer one of the modules until the third semester in accordance with § 3 (6) of the study and Examination Regulations. The application has to be submitted by January 16th to the Examining board via the coordinator.

What happens if I fail on the first try?

There is a resit-examination for each exam. Master's students who do not pass an exam will be automatically registered for the next possible resit-examination date.

What happens if I have failed an optional course, can I drop it the next time?

You can abandon the examination process of one optional course, if you have failed the exam for the first time (§ 14 (2) Sentence 3,  Study and Exam Regulations). This means that you can request once during the MSc Economics to take another optional course instead of the optional course that you failed.

What happens if I am ill on the date of the exam?

Please consult the page of the Examination Office. If you are absent without excuse, you will automatically fail the exam. 

How will I get a transcript of grades?

You can obtain a transcript of grades via StudIS. If you need a sealed transcript, please apply for it in a written form with your personal signature at the Examination Office .

What happens if I don’t take an examination without excuse?

Unexcused absence is assessed with the grade 5,0 (fail).

Signing up for seminars

In the Master’s programme Economics, you are required to sign up for seminars.

To register for seminars, please use the online form on this page available only from 25.06.2024 - 02.07.2024.

Registration to a Master's Seminar in the Winter Semester 2024/25

Register for a Master's Seminar
Please note that registrations with repeated preferences are NOT VALID.
Register now. Your registration is binding. Once you are assigned to your seminar(s) a withdrawel will be graded with 5,0 (failed).