From the first semester to the master’s thesis

There are two dates each semester when you can sit the written exams in the Department of Economics:

  • Main date in February or July respectively
  • Supplementary date in April or October respectively

It is, however, mandatory that you sit the exams on the main date.

Please register for all exams within the respective exam registration period via StudiS. Please enquire directly at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics about dates and registration periods for the maths exams.


Must I register for lectures and exams?

You don’t need to register for lectures but you DO need to register for exams - during the exam registration period via StudIS. You can de-register during this time frame too.

What happens if I fail an attempt at an exam?

For every exam there is a re-sit exam. Please register for it via StudIS.

If you fail the re-sit too, you can apply for a second re-sit. You can find the respective rules in your examination regulations.

What should I do if I am ill on the day of the exam?

Please consult the exam administration website.

How do I calculate my final grade?

You can find the rules in your examination regulations. You can produce a transcript in StudIS.