Interconnected research

Research centres at our Department

The Department of Economics hosts numerous third party funded projects. Apart from those research projects, the Department is involved in several interdisciplinary research platforms such as the Center for Psychoeconomics and the Center for Quantitative Methods and Survey Research (CMS). Furthermore, activities in research and training exist through the collaboration with the Thurgauer Wirtschaftsinstitut (Thurgau Institute of Economics - TWI) in Kreuzlingen (CH).

Thurgau Institute of Economics (TWI)

The Thurgau Institute of Economics (TWI) is associated with the University of Konstanz. It is a cross-border center for experimental research in economics. The objective of the research is to contribute to the understanding of individual behavior in economic environments. The Thurgau Institute of Economics at the University of Konstanz is supported by the Thurgau Foundation for Science and Research.

The experiments take place in a lab at the University of Konstanz. In these experiments the participants face decision problems with monetary consequences. They can win or lose money depending on their own behavior and the behavior of the other participants. Experiments help to investigate behavior in different economic situations, e.g. market exchange, human cooperation or behavior in risky environments.

Center for Psychoeconomics

The Center for Psychoeconomics  at the University of Konstanz brings together researchers from three disciplines (Economics, Psychology, and Education) in a joint effort to develop a better understanding of how conflicting motives and strategies determine actual human behavior, how human agents can regulate the resulting decision conflict or learn from it, and what the economic and educational consequences of both the conflict itself and its regulation are.

Center for Quantitative Methods and Survey Research (CMS)

Because of the increasing application of quantitative research methods in many empirical sciences, advice by experts in social research methods is gaining importance. The recently founded Center for Quantitative Methods and Survey Research (CMS) at the University of Konstanz pools interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of survey methodology, econometrics and model building. The center develops and conducts methodological projects as well as applied empirical research using quantitative data.