International competency development for research support staff

Erasmus+ staff mobility and further training opportunities

We greatly encourage and foster exchange and the cultivation of personal contacts with our partners through working visits as well as the building up of international expertise amongst our research support staff.

Erasmus+ staff mobility

In the framework of the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, the University of Konstanz supports visits by university staff to partner universities and partner companies. The purpose of such visits is:

  • An exchange of experience
  • Training measures
  • Cultivation of contacts to an Erasmus partner, perhaps with the objective of ‘activating’ such a partnership
  • Training visits to colleagues with similar job descriptions

Certificate of Intercultural Competence

The University of Konstanz endeavours to create the best conditions for internationally recognized, top-class research. In this context, we build up international partnerships, ensure our teaching has an international focus and foster cooperation with universities in Germany and other European countries at different levels. This means for our research support staff that they come into contact to an increasing degree with internationally mobile students, researchers and personnel. They are therefore required to develop their skills in dealing with people from other cultures or with a migrant background. Each year, the university offers a training course leading to a Certificate of Intercultural Competence with this specific goal in mind.

YERUN Staff Development Projects

Details are announced in good time.