“Please submit two references from teaching staff”

Requesting references from professors

Do you need a reference?

You are studying for a bachelor’s degree and would like to apply for a place on a master’s programme or for a job?
You are studying for a master’s degree and applying for an exchange place abroad, doctoral studies or a job?

Then please use this form to request a reference from a professor at the department. The information you enter will be forwarded to your preferred professor/lecturer. All further communication then takes place directly with him/her.

Please note:

  • Should there be any special conditions regarding the issue of a reference, you can find them on the professor's/lecturer's homepage.
  • You do not need to send a CV.
  • The more time and trouble you take in putting together the required information, the easier it will be for your professor/lecturer to write a convincing reference.
  • The more of your professor’s/lecturer’s courses you have attended the better.
  • Please submit your request at least four weeks before the reference is needed.
  • Depending on the study programme’s language of instruction or the working language in the case of employment, please provide ALL data in German or English.
  • Please provide only relevant information.
  • If you would like a reference from a visiting lecturer, please contact him/her directly.
  • Should a professor/lecturer refuse your request for a reference, he/she you will inform you directly.

Requesting a reference

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Requesting a reference