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BSc Economics

Studying Economics means: analysing economic activities of consumers, businesses and public institutions. Economics focuses on the basic economic interrelations in a society, on the level of the operating unities (microeconomics) as well as on the macroeconomic level. Business administration focuses on the economic interrelations of single businesses and their operational processes.

The programme teaches you not only about economics but also the fundamentals of business administration and helps you to understand current economics as well as political topics.
Theresa Ummenhofer, BSc in Economics graduate

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Why changing your mind is the better choice:

Why study Economics in Konstanz?

Our Bachelor's Programme in Economics guarantees you a first-class education - this is confirmed by rankings too. You will deal with mathematical methods at a high level and apply them to economics questions. Six areas of specialisation allow you to shape your studies in our department individually. You can also participate in free language courses and seminars on rhetoric, intercultural skills or how to conduct negotiations.

Internship semester or stay abroad? The flexible semester.

In some of the areas of specialisation, the 5th semester is reserved for a stay abroad or an internship at home or abroad. In this way, you can acquire intercultural skills or practical experience without losing any time. You can, however, also simply continue your studies in Konstanz.

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How is the programme structured?

In your basic studies, you will establish the foundation for a programme of studies which reflects your personal interests. In the framework of lectures, exercises and seminars, you will learn the principles of economics and business administration as well as the mathematical methods needed for academic work and research in the field of economics.

In general, after your first year on the programme you choose one of the six areas of specialisation and in this way are able to adapt your studies to your own personal interests.

Areas of specialisation

Quantitative Economics

You will grapple in depth with financial and economics topics with the help of quantitative research methods.

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Economics and Business Education

You will deal with educational science topics and questions in the areas of vocational and business education. In addition, you will choose a special field of economics with courses in the areas of Marketing & Management, Accounting & Finance, Industrial & Labour Market Economics as well as Economy & State (Programme Concentration I) or complete a general education required elective Programme Concentration II).

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Human Resource Development

You will deal with questions related to training and staff development in organisations as well as at corporate level and explore fundamental HR topics.

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International Financial Economics

You will get to grips above all with the following topics: capital market, start-up and corporate finance, corporate governance and monetary international economics theory.

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Alongside economics questions, you will tackle fundamental aspects of psychology, such as social or developmental psychology or biopsychology.

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Applied Economics

In the framework of this area of specialisation, you can either study a minor or attend various courses offered either by our department or by another department.

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