From orientation test to bachelor's thesis

Exam dates

You have two opportunities each semester to take exams:

  • The main dates in February and July
  • The supplementary dates in April and October

Please register in good time via StudiS for all exams with the exception of the orientation test. You may also withdraw from exams as long as the registration period is still open.

You should please always also note the rules of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Orientation test

Your orientation test comprises the exams from the courses in Linear Algebra I and Corporate Finance.

You are registered automatically for these exams - in the case of a second attempt too. You may not withdraw from the orientation test. In addition, you may not apply for a third attempt and if you have not passed the exam successfully by the end of the second semester you will be obliged to consult with the Student Advisory Service.

Since the winter semester 2019/20, Linear Algebra I has been suspended as orientation test. This means, you won't be registered automatically for this exam and could apply for a third attempt.

Seminar and bachelor's thesis

In the normal case, you will attend one seminar in the fourth and one in the sixth semester. Following your bachelor’s seminar (mostly the second seminar), you will write your bachelor's thesis. You must attend the seminars either in Economics or in Mathematics.

Quite often, fewer students are interested in the bachelor’s seminars in the summer semester, meaning that your chances of getting the place you want are higher.

Register for an Economics seminar

The list of seminars is published shortly before the start of the respective registration period. Information about seminar content and dates can be found on the websites of the respective chairs. To register for a seminar:

  1. Log onto the LSF - online course catalogue during the registration period.
  2. Go to the course index for the current semester: 7900 seminars -> registration for seminars.
  3. Rank all the seminars which interest you by order of priority.
  4. You may change your registration or withdraw as long as the registration period is still open.
  5. Please pay attention to the information at the bottom of the page.

After the end of the registration period, the seminar places are allocated under consideration of your current average grade and you will be assigned the best available place. You can increase your chances of being allocated a place by specifying as many priorities as possible. Registration is binding. We will notify you when the places have been allocated. Withdrawal is then no longer possible.

Register for a Mathematics seminar

Registration periods are relatively flexible and depend on the professors. Please ask in good time the professor whose seminar you want to attend.

It is up to you whether you write your bachelor's thesis after the 1st or the 2nd seminar. You usually have to commit yourself in the first class to whether you are going to write your bachelor's thesis in that seminar. In the case of a seminar in the winter semester, the time period for writing your bachelor's thesis commences on the first working day in March. For a seminar in the summer semester it starts on the first working day in August.

The rules regarding the bachelor's thesis can be found in §§ 22 and 24 of the examination regulations.

Bachelor's thesis at the Department of Economics

Conditions: Orientation test, 90 ECTS credits and seminar attendance

When should I register? During the exam registration period for the written exams for the main date (January / June)

What you need:

  • Form “Registration for bachelor's thesis”
  • Declaration of examination entitlement
  • Current certificate of enrolment

Where? In the exam administration office (Annette Herbst, F 259) during office hours

The 8-week period for writing your thesis commences on the first working day in March or August respectively. We will send you your theme in good time beforehand by registered post and email.

You can find details of the formal requirements in the information sheet on how to write academic papers and in the examination regulations. If you need any help during the writing process, the Writing Centre is happy to assist you.

Your bachelor's thesis should be no longer than 20-25 pages.

We recommend a soft cardboard binding with a spine. Please do not use ring binding and stiff cardboard.

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Only in exceptional circumstances for which you cannot be held responsible can the deadline be extended by one week. If you are ill, you must apply for an extension by submitting a medical certificate, otherwise you should submit an informal application stating your reasons (to be handed in to exam administration).

If, after the end of the extension, you are still prevented from submitting your thesis for the same reason, you will be allocated a new theme once you are ready for assessment.

Please submit:

  • The declaration that you have compiled your thesis independently and stating whether you consent to your thesis being published in the library (page 3 of the registration form, please leave loose)
  • Your contact address after the end of your studies (page 4 of the registration form, please leave loose)
  • A current certificate of enrolment
  • Two copies of your bachelor's thesis to exam administration
  • A PDF file of your thesis by email to exam administration

You may also send your bachelor's thesis by post. Please make sure that the date of posting (at the latest the submission date) is clearly visible on the envelope.

We will generally send you your examiner’s report by post after four weeks.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t pass an exam at the first attempt?

You can resit any exam once - usually on the resit date. Please register via StudIS for the resit. If you were unable to sit one of the orientation tests on the main date because you were ill or if you didn’t pass it, you will be automatically registered for the resit exam too. 

What happens if I don’t pass the exam at the second attempt either?

You may apply in writing for permission to resit an exam a second time twice during your bachelor studies. No second attempt at a resit is possible for exams which are part of the orientation test.

What should I do if I am ill on the day of the exam?

Please follow exam administration’s instructions. 

How do I get a transcript?

You can obtain a transcript through StudIS. If you need a printout with the university’s seal, please request one using the respective form

How can I calculate my final grade?

How your marks from written exams, seminar and bachelor's thesis influence your final grade is explained in the examination regulations applicable for you.