All you need to know about internships

Internship semester, shorter compulsory internship, school internships

Compulsory internships

Through an internship at home or abroad, you can lay the foundation for your future career whilst still at university. Which compulsory internships are foreseen depends on which area of specialisation you choose.

Area of specialisation - Quantitative Economics, International Financial Economics and Applied Economics

  • An internship lasting 4.5 months in the flexible semester
  • 6-week internship if you have not undertaken a long internship in the flexible semester

Area of specialisation - Business and Economics Education

  • 6-week internship in an enterprise
  • 4-week school internship
  • Special provisions apply for teacher training for higher teaching posts

Area of specialisation - Corporate Education, Psychoeconomics

  • 6-week internship

You can find further details in the examination regulations, §10.