Study around the world

at one of our partner universities in Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa as well as North or South America

List of all outgoing students who are in the US/Canada in 17/18. Feel free to contact them!

The International Office advises and assists students on our university’s worldwide exchange agreements. We are partners with 50 universities in Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa as well as North and South America, in some cases also in the framework of what are known as “regional programmes” with states in the USA, Canada, Australia and Mexico. How you benefit: You don’t pay any tuition fees for your exchange visit. We also help you within these programmes with the admissions procedure at your host university as well as with other administrative matters (visa (if applicable), health insurance etc.). The application procedure is very complex, not least because of the reference required, so you need to get started in good time. Please note the application deadlines! All applications are followed by an interview.

The International Office handles all matters concerning worldwide exchanges; the department is only responsible for the recognition of courses.

Deadlines for requesting a reference

International Office deadline Application periods in the department
1 June 15 April to 15 May
1 August 15 June to 15 July
1 November 15 September to 15 October
15 January 1 December to 20 December

Reference for studies abroad (worldwide ONLY!)

Bachelor students should please use the online form to request a reference from a lecturer or professor at the Department of Economics.

  • Once you have sent your request for a reference, please send your preferred professor an email with an overview of your exam achievements. Please write in the reference box: Annex to reference for studies abroad And in the text body: ... You will shortly receive some information from Cornelia Lindenau regarding a reference for studies abroad. For this reason I am sending you an overview of my examination achievements. Thank you. ...
  • The information from your online request will be sent to your preferred lecturer or professor. He or she will then forward your reference directly to the IO.
  • If you require a reference for an application which is not being handled by the International Office, please allow about 4 weeks for processing.
  • The reference for an application via our International Office is directly sent there electronically. For other applications, please tell us to whom the reference should be sent.

Please note:

  • Johannes Schropp (Mathematics I and II) only issues references for students who have led one of his tutorials. In this case, please contact him directly and do not complete this mask.
  • ALL information entered in the form should please be in English.
  • Please don’t use a smartphone or an iPad since your request won’t arrive.
  • If you are employed as a student assistant at one of the chairs in our department, please contact the respective chair.
  • If you want a reference from a visiting lecturer, please contact him or her directly.
  • If you need two references for your application, you may only request the second one once the International Office has notified you of your actual nomination. You should then get in touch with us immediately so that the reference can be sent to the IO as quickly as possible.
  • Master’s students in the double degree programme should please get in touch with Professor Volker Hahn.
  • Master’s students should please contact the professor of their choice directly.
  • References for a Fulbright or DAAD scholarship: please contact Cornelia Lindenau (F256) and discuss your plans with her before then contacting your preferred lecturer or professor. It is very important that they at least get to know you in the framework of a longer conversation and can hear your reasons for themselves. That means you cannot use this mask to apply for a reference.

Request a reference for studies abroad

Personal details
Academic details
Details of your stay abroad
Preferred universities
1. Please describe in 1-2 sentences your general motivation and your study plans. 2. Please justify in 1-2 sentences your choice of country and your first-choice university. 3. Please list the topics/subjects at the university abroad in which you are particularly interested and how these relate to those in your area of specialisation and/or the lecturer’s/professor’s course you attended. 4. Which academic and personal gain do you hope to achieve from studying abroad, what challenges are you looking for? 5. Is there anything special that your lecturer/professor should write? - Max. 1000 characters in English - Letters of motivation submitted separately will not be accepted. - Feel free to use bullet points.
Details related to the reference
From whom are you requesting the reference? Which of your preferred lecturer’s/professor’s courses have you attended? Please also indicate the grade achieved.
Send form
I consent to my grades being inspected for the purpose of my request.*
I consent to my name and email address being forwarded to interested fellow students at our University before, during and after my stay abroad.*