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We are happy to welcome you here at Lake Constance - whether you are participating in an exchange, coming as a free mover or joining us for your entire study programme. We have put together some information to make your start at our university as easy as possible. Please contact us with any questions you have - we will be glad to help!

Courses Department of Economics Winter Semester 2022

The courses of the summer semester 2020 at the Department of Economics will be taught online at least until 15th June 2020.

Please inform yourself via the course catalogue in ZEuS, which courses you would like to attend. Bachelor student may find information looking at "Bachelor Programmes Major - Economics" (overview of all courses, also those taught in German) or "Courses taught in English - Bachelor Programmes - Department of Economics", Master students should look up "Master Programmes -  Economics".

Afterwards, please visit the lecturer's or chair's websites (indicated in ZEuS) to get information about the modalities of the course offered online (e.g. which plattform will be used etc.) and to find out if and how you need to register to attend a course. At the moment information might not be available on all homepages, yet. If this is the case, please check the website again at a later point. All people involved are doing their best to provide the details as soon as possible. Please excuse that some information might only be published at short notice.