Come to Konstanz on an exchange

We are excited that you would like to come to Konstanz as an exchange student and will help you any way we can - whether you are choosing your classes or need advice and assistance with any topic.

Our university’s Erasmus code is D KONSTAN01.

Study at the Department of Economics

Number of ECTS credits

The University of Konstanz does not have a minimum or maximum amount of ECTS credits you may earn as an exchange student. The amount of ECTS credits earned for each course is included in the online course catalogue (LSF).

Courses (Course Catalog, Courses taught in English, Registration)

How do you find courses on the lecture website?

From this page, click on the Courses -> Show University Course Catalog . Then go to either Bachelor's degree programs - Major Subject of Study (-> Economics  (at the bottom of the list) -> Bachelor Wirtschaftswiss. HF PO 2015 or to the Masters Programmes (-> Master Economics HF PO 2015), (-> Political Economy) or (-> Social And Economic Data Analysis).

Make sure that you change the language to English in the upper righthand corner. You do not need to register!

Where can you find courses taught in English?

Under the Bachelor's degree course (see above), there is a sub-section  'Courses taught in English'. In the Masters, all courses are taught in English.

Regularly taught Bachelor courses in English for those who are less mathematically-methodologically inclinded

Introduction to Decision Theory (5 ECTS)
European Economics (4 ECTS)

International Bank Strategy, (5 ECTS)

MATLAB for Finance (3 ECTS)

Summer semester:

Proseminar: „The Importance of School Systems“ or alike (4 ECTS)

Proseminar “Economic structural reform for growth and employment” or

alike (4 ECTS)

Lecture on Entrepreneurship or Consumer Behaviour (3 ECTS)

MATLAB for Finance (3 ECTS)

Registration for courses

You will only need to register for Economics Department courses if the course catalogue explicitly states it. Otherwise, simply join in the first class. Even if your are not entirely sure you would like to attend the course, it is still important to go to the first class as you will receive more detailed information about the course, additional practice tutorials and written exams. 


You will need to register for written exams using ZEuS. The exam registration period (one week only) takes place at the end of June (summer semester) and end of January (winter semester).

Please note: Should you NOT be able to register for the exams via ZEuS, you will find a .pdf to fill out and send here. The .pdf will be accessible only during the exam registration period and can be found in a blue box on the righthand side.

Important: If you miss the exam registration period, you cannot take any written exams. Other departments often have different exam registration periods.

Most lectures offer a main examination immediately following the lectures and a make-up examination shortly before the following semester starts. You may decide for yourself whether to take the main or make-up examination. If you have questions, please contact your exchange coordinator.

Join our 'Studfbwiwi’ mailing list to receive information about all your important dates and deadlines via email. 

Communicate with professors

In each course, professors communicate with students via email or by using the Illias platform to share course content. You will receive the exact details in the first class.

Where do I get my transcript?

Once all your grades have been entered in the ZEuS - electronic student information system, you can email your tutor at the International Office and request a transcript.

May I, in exceptional cases, write a Konstanz exam abroad?

Occasionally it is possible to write a Konstanz exam abroad, provided that the Konstanz professor agrees to this. This application with all signatures should be sent to the Team. It also explains the process and what you need to pay attention to.