Study at the University of Essex and the University of Konstanz

Double Degree option in the M.Sc. Economics

Are you interested in an internationally oriented course of studies?

Would you like to finish your Master's programme with two renowned Master's degrees?

In cooperation with the renowned Department of Economics at the University of Essex, the Department of Economics at Konstanz offers a Double Degree option for its MSc Economics students.

The agreement encompasses these three programmes:

MSc Economics
MSc Economics and Econometrics
MRes Economics

In this option five to ten students from each university who are interested in an internationally focused  and carefully academically conceptualised course of studies will be given the possibly of spending a year in Konstanz and a year in at Essex. These students will obtain a Masters degree from each university. The degree programme is aimed at those students of economics who are particularly motivated and have an excellent academic record. It offers a high degree of flexibility in deciding which subject areas to focus on during their course of studies. Students commence studies either in Konstanz or Essex.

The combination of the quantitative education in Konstanz with an applied curriculum in Essex firstly inspired me in doing a PhD in Economics.
Felix Ehrenfried, Double Degree Konstanz-Essex

The University of Essex offers both compulsory modules in line with the requirements at Konstanz, and enables students to specialise in a subject area complementary to what Konstanz offers.

The combination of studies at the two universities is based on a clear structure. It allows the students to experience two influential and complementary academic systems, in turn giving them an enriching experience and boosting their employability. Through the degree programme, moreover, the students will profit from the interaction of two cultures, experiencing for themselves international relations.

The students will profit from the ideal study environment provided by each university. Dedicated student services, short walking distances, a close connection between teaching and research, superb libraries and an international environment will all serve to ensure a successful and enriching period of study.

The internationally renowned teaching and research, short courses and direct contact with teaching staff offered by each department serve as an ideal preparation for the continuation of one’s studies in the form of a PhD. The possibility of participating in research projects during the completion of the degree programme, moreover, is a stepping stone for a possible career in academia.

The students will not be short of recreational activities over the course of stay at Essex. Essex is a county in the east of England and is situated to the north east of London. From pretty villages set in peaceful surroundings to busy market towns steeped in history, from tranquil walks along wide sandy beaches to town centres brimming with history and culture, there is plenty on offer. On the other hand, London as one of the economic and cultural centres of the world is within easy reach. In short: the best of both worlds! Trains to London (1h) run four times per hour. To make things even more interesting: it is home to areas of economic struggle as well as very affluent areas – so a stay here opens one’s eyes to diverse aspects of life in the UK. And looking at how Konstanz and Essex are connected: from Friedrichshafen you can fly directly to Stansted: within 45 bus minutes you are at the university 24/7.

Through the internationally orientated and high quality education provided through the degree programme, the students will be very well prepared for a national or international career in the private or public sector.