Get your second degree at the University of Essex

Information for Konstanz' students

Enrollment, tuition fees, cost of living, scholarships, application


Students are enrolled in Konstanz for both years and pay the administrative fees for both years; they enroll at Essex for one year.


Students pay a £3,000 reduction in fees at Essex. Please check on the Essex Tuition Fee website what the current fees are and simply deduct £3,000.   If you then apply for Auslandsbafög -- see details here -- a chunk of the tuition fees are taken care of. Auslandsbafög pays as much as 4,600€ in tuition fees.

Cost of Living in Essex

You can find detailed information on the Essex site.


Students should both apply for Auslandsbafög (has no connection with Inlandsbafög) and check in the DAAD Scholarship Database for any individual scholarships they can apply for.

Application Process

First year at the University of Essex, second year at Konstanz

Students will apply to the Masters of Economics in Konstanz programme with the standard application deadline and indicate their interest in the Double Degree Option. After having been admitted to the Master of Economics, a committee consisting of faculty members of both Konstanz and Essex will make an admissions’ decision for the Double Degree Option, based on grades. You will be informed about a possible offer of admissions to Konstanz and Essex at the same time.

Upon admissions to the programme, a second short application is made to Essex.

Recognition of courses

After having studied at the partner university and when you have received your official transcript, please submit this Request for Recognition and the transcript via email to the exams office. Within 2-3 weeks the individual classes will be recognised.