Study at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the University of Konstanz

Double Degree option in the M.Sc. Economics

In cooperation with the renowned School of Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata the Department of Economics at Konstanz offers a Double Degree option for its MSc Economics students.

You will study in the MSc Economics at Tor Vergata.
Optional modules can be chosen from the MSc Finance and Banking and the
MSc European Economy and Business Law 

How is the Double Degree option unique?

The combination of studies at the two universities is based on a clear structure. Two students admitted to Tor Vergata spend their first year in Rome and their second year in Konstanz; two students admitted to Konstanz spend their first year in Konstanz and their second year in Rome. (Numbers are not set in stone) It enables the students to experience two influential and complementary academic systems, in turn giving them an enriching experience and boosting their employability. Through the degree programme, moreover, the students will profit from the interaction of two cultures, experiencing for themselves international relations.

Studying at Tor Vergata

The Tor Vergata campus was founded in 1982 in the southern part of Rome. The area chosen for the new university, a large open space in the countryside, has allowed the university to expand and develop a wide access network far from the city’s congested traffic. The search for quality and efficiency was not the only criterion used for building these facilities, but also to achieve effective organization and planning of its academic and research programmes.

The School of Economics has approximately 4,000 students enrolled. It hosts a library with more than thirty-thousand catalogued monographs and over twothousand magazines and scientific journals (many of which available on line), a data processing centre, a language lab, an Erasmus office and a graduates’ employment opportunities office which promotes links between graduates and enterprises.

In 2006, for the fourth consecutive year, the School of Economics was ranked first in the Italian university guide based on a survey by the Italian CENSIS institution, in collaboration with the newspaper “La Repubblica” and, in 2007, it held second place.

An important institution for international relations is the Centre for Economic and International Studies (CEIS). Created in 1987, CEIS is part of the School of Economics of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Its aim is to promote advanced training and research activities in the field of economics. CEIS organises seminars and conferences, establishes joint programmes with other universities, national institutions and international organisations, and also organises research in all fields of economics. Research is carried out not only by members of CEIS, but also by appointed scholars from other institutions.