Departmental council

The department’s decision-making body.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Advisory body for the faculty
  • Drafting of structural and development plans, examination regulations and teaching syllabus related to the department
  • Position papers regarding the faculty and the department

You can find more detailed information about the departmental council’s tasks and responsibilities in the Constitution of the University of Konstanz. Details of the rules regarding how the committee is structured can also be found there.

Committee directory


  • Head of Department: Professor Sabine Hochholdinger
  • Dean of Studies: Professor Heinrich Ursprung


  • Professor Friedrich Breyer
  • Professor Ralf Brüggemann
  • Professor Volker Hahn
  • Professor Susanne Goldlücke
  • Professor Axel Kind
  • Professor Almuth Scholl

Academic staff

  • Matthias Conrad
  • Andreas Jüttler

Student representatives

  • Anabel Schadt
  • Jens Schellinger