Study commissions

Further development of study programmes

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Recommendations on further development of study programmes
  • Recommendations on expenditure on studies and teaching
  • Co-work on teaching evaluation, taking into account students’ opinions about courses

You can find more detailed information about the study commissions’ tasks in the Constitution of the University of Konstanz. Details of the rules regarding how the committee is structured can also be found there.

Committee directory

Study commission for the Economics (Bachelor), Economics (Master) and Business and Economics Education (Master) study programmes

Chairman: Professor Heinrich Ursprung


  • Professor Thomas Deißinger
  • Professor Urs Fischbacher
  • Professor Jens Jackwerth
  • Professor Volker Hahn

Academic staff: Caroline Bonnes


  • Robin Bronner
  • Felix Kergl-Raepple
  • Valentin Weber
  • Benedict White

Study commission for the Mathematical Finance study programme (Bachelor and Master)

Chairman: Professor Michael Kupper (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)


  • Professor Axel Kind
  • Professor Jens Jackwerth
  • Professor Peter Nielaba
  • Professor Jan Beran

Academic staff: Eberhard Luik

Student representatives:

  • Stefan Kienle
  • Leon Heyken
  • Manuel Kocheisen
  • Jannis Bartikowski