[Translate to Englisch:] Gruppenfoto Studienabschlussfeier 2023
[Translate to Englisch:] Gruppenfoto Studienabschlussfeier 2023

Graduation ceremony 2023 - Congratulations!

On November 25, around 140 graduates convened for their graduation ceremony with guests and professors. Eight of them received an award of excellence.

Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Axel Kind, welcomed the graduates as well as representatives of the Department. This year's speech was given by Dr. Anna Slavutskaya, Manager at Finyon Consulting AG.

Afterwards, the graduation certificates were ceremonially handed over to the graduates and various prizes were awarded.

This year's VEUK awards of excellence were awarded to:

  • Felix Sieber (BSc Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
  • Tamara Edinborough (BSc Finanzmathematik)
  • Lena Raddatz (BEd Wirtschaftswissenschaft)
  • Moritz Seebacher (MSc Economics)
  • Axel Friedrich Wolter (MSc Finanzmathematik)
  • Sarah Blaser (MSc Wirtschaftspädagogik)
  • Lennart Goldemann (MSc Political Economy)
  • Samantha Rank (MEd Wirtschaftswissenschaft)

This year's teaching price for junior scientists was awarded to:

  • Dr. Daniele Angelini, Postdoc, AG Macroeconomics, Prof. Dr. Stefan Niemann
  • Dr. Tommy Krieger, Postdoc, AG Economic Policy, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Findeisen, aktuell Vertretung der Professur Economic Policy
  • Dr. Katrin Schmelz, Postdoc, AG Behavioural Economics, Prof. Dr. Urs Fischbacher, aktuell Omidyar Fellow am Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico (USA)
  • Dr. Matthias Conrad, Postdoc, AG Wirtschaftspädagogik II, Prof. Dr. Stephan Schumann
  • David Kablitz, Doktorand, AG Wirtschaftspädagogik II, Prof. Dr. Stephan Schumann

The graduation speech was held by Axel Wolter (MSc Finanzmathematik).

Congratulations to all graduates and awardees!