Gastdozent aus Essex: International Financial Crises

Two Saturdays: May 31 and June 7th.

The objective of this course is to study in depth a few selected topics in International Finance, particularly international financial crisis. We will cover currency crises, banking crises, and debt crises. Beyond that, we will explore aspects of international capital flows, contagion, asset bubbles and liquidity. Our focus will be on applied theoretical models and their implications for understanding empirical regularities and economic policy.

The list below contains a list of suggested topics. Notice that some of these topics are relatively advanced for an undergraduate course. Bearing this in mind, the idea for presentations and essays will be to convey the essential message of the respective papers and to focus on the intuition for underlying mechanisms and policy implications.

In addition to the suggested topics, students are welcome to propose topics of their choice as long as they fall within the field of International Finance.

To register, please email -- first come, first served basis -- 20 people max!