1st Konstanz-Warwick Workshop on Social Norms

2 November 2023, 10:30h - 16:45h

The workshop will take place at the Thurgau Institute of Economics  and online via zoom

Engage in current debates on Social Norms with leading researchers from the Universities of Konstanz and Warwick.

Social norms are unwritten, implicit rules that regulate individual behavior and the interaction of people. Compared to explicit rules such as laws or contracts, our understanding of social norms is rather limited. Where do such norms come from? How do they differ within and across societies? When and how do they change? Can we even create or manipulate social norms artificially? And how precisely do norms shape behavior? Answers to these questions are crucial for the understanding and regulation of any kind of social interaction. This workshop brings together researchers from the Universities of Warwick and Konstanz. Participants will discuss their work investigating the formation, stability, and behavioral consequences of social norms, and identify areas of mutual interest to jump-start future collaboration. Due to this focus, the format of the short talks will be focused on a discussion-based exploration of the projects rather than a traditional presentation format.

University of Warwick

  •  Professor Nick Chater and Dr Hossam Zeitoun: "The Social Contract in Miniature"
  •  Professor Andrea Isoni: "Principle of Mutual Benefit"
  •  Dr Naomi Muggleton: "Workplace Inequality and Peer Group Peacocking"
  •  Dr Matthew Cashman: "Norms and Predictability"
  •  Professor Ben Ferguson: “Attitudes towards Exploitation”

University of Konstanz

  •  Professor Urs Fischbacher: "Littering Across the Border"
  •  Professor Christina Felfe: "Gender Norms & Stereotypes"
  • Jun. Professor Adrian Chadi: "New Evidence on the Social Norm to Work"
  • Moath Hussien: "Rights, Duties, and Taboos in Peer-Punishment for Public Goods"
  • Dr Irenaeus Wolff: "Bribing across borders"

For more details, please find the workshop programme here

Everyone interested in the topic of Social Norms is warmly invited to join in!

To participate, please register here by 29th October, with Name, University, e-mail address, attending online or in person