"Political Economy – Theory Meets Empirics: Inequality, Mobility, and Institutions" Workshop 2019 in Konstanz

We organized an intensive two-day workshop on Political Economy bringing together local and international researchers (from various European countries, Israel and the US) both on the junior and the senior level, on September 24th and 25th.

The workshop was the 7th edition of the international workshop series “Political Economy: Theory Meets Empirics”, which started in 2014 and was now hosted for the third time in Konstanz (after 2015 and 2017). It has an established track record of attracting high-profile researchers and fostering the exchange between theorists and empiricists. This year, we put a particular focus on contributions that study important aspects of inequality, in particular the determinants and consequences of low intergenerational mobility, and the interplay between inequality, social mobility, and institutions. We gratefully acknowledge financial support for this workshop from the DFG-Excellence-Initiative Cluster "The Politics of Inequality".

Local Organizers:

Luna Bellani
Sebastian Fehrler
Stephan Maurer
Volker Hahn