MSc Social and Economic Data Analysis

Why study Social and Economic Data Analysis in Konstanz?

Today’s information society is characterized by an ever-growing abundance of data from sources as diverse as administrative records, surveys or network logs. Yet, such data merely provide the “raw material of knowledge”, and it takes well-trained analysts to detect meaningful structure, and to extract relevant information from these sources.

The programme is interdisciplinary, including econometrics, statistics, and computer science. Hence, your broad knowledge makes you highly employable in academia and the rapidly growing job market for data analysts. Employers include polling firms, market research institutes, online marketing firms, political advisory services and consultancies.

The University of Konstanz is one of only 12 German Universities of Excellence, ensuring that you will get the best opportunities possible. Additionally, Konstanz is a particularly picturesque town at the Lake of Constance, just a short drive away from the Swiss Alps or the Black Forest.

Study in Konstanz

Who are we looking for?

Your Bachelor's degree should be in

  • Economics,
  • Politics and Public Administration,
  • Survey Research,
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Sociology,
  • Computer Science,
  • Information Engineering
  • Psychology
  • or a related course
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What will I learn?

The programme will provide you with the knowledge and skills to collect, manage and analyse data of different kinds and from various sources, tointerpret and communicate the results in order to gain new insights and to support decision making.

During your first and second semester you will attend fundamental courses from outside your original academic field to align students’ standards. In your second year you may either join the Graduate School of Decision Sciences (GSDS) as a “fast-track” option or take advanced modules from the programme’s participating departments. Additionally, you will complete a data analysis project, for example an internship, to develop your practical skills.