Course on Economic Reform in Europe

Summer semester 2019


The registration period will be announced before the summer Semester.


The course deals with key aspects of structural reform that aims to raise economic performance. Issues considered include:

  •  Reform Transmission channels
  •  Criteria to assess the appropriateness of Regulation and Reform requirements
  • Evaluation of Reform Impact on economic magnitudes
  • Political economy issues of Reform
  • Reform Surveillance
  • Areas of Reform in the European Union

Format and Grading

Meetings will take place during two blocks that are separated by some weeks. The grading will be based on:

  •  A presentation and short written summary (1-2 pages) of the presentation by each participant
  • An exam 

The first block consists of lectures. Participants' presentations will be made during the second block. Topics for the presentation will be assigned during the first block.

Full attendance of both parts of the course is compulsory. Participants should be familiar with basic micro and macroeconomics. Knowledge in econometrics is of help.