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Graduation ceremony 2022 - Congratulations!

On July, 2, around 140 graduates convened for their graduation ceremony with guests and professors. Eight of them received an award of excellence.

Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Stephan Schumann, welcomed the graduates as well as representatives of the Department. This year's speech was given by Ms Wiebke Lohre, Managing Director of TOK Beteiligungen GmbH.

Afterwards, the graduation certificates were ceremonially handed over to the graduates and various prizes were awarded.

This year's VEUK awards of excellence were awarded to:

  • Natascha Jankowski (MSc Finanzmathematik)
  • Peter Reuter (BSc Finanzmathematik)
  • Fabian Hoch (BSc Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
  • Marlon Martin (MSc Economics)
  • Franziska Weeber (MSc SEDS)
  • Aline Huck (MSc Wirtschaftspädagogik)
  • Samantha Rank (BEd Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
  • Maximilian Thomas (MSc Political Economy)

This year's teaching price for junior scientists was awarded to:

  • Prof. Dr. Adrian Chadi, Juniorprofessur für Personnel Economics/Human Resource Management
  • Prof. Dr. Holly Dykstra, Juniorprofessur für Behavioral Economics
  • Hanna Heininger, Doktorandin in der AG von Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.Thomas Deißinger (Wirtschaftspädagogik)
  • Alisha Koch, Doktorandin in der AG von Prof. Dr. Sabine Hochholdinger (Personalentwicklung)
  • Marlene Koch, Doktorandin in der AG von Prof. Dr. Marcel Fischer (Finance)
  • Prof. Dr. Haomin Wang, Juniorprofessur für Economics

The graduation speech was held by Aline Huck (MSc Wirtschaftspädagogik).

Congratulations to all graduates and awardees!