Photo: Doreen Hüls

Study abroad in Canada - a great way to strengthen your international orientation

The Ontario-Baden-Württemberg exchange program allowed Doreen Hüls to spend one year at the University of Waterloo/Balsillie School of International Affairs in Canada.

After graduating with an interdisciplinary and internationally-oriented bachelor’s degree in the area of Economics, I wanted to pursue a master’s degree in a similar fashion. The master’s program in Political Economy at the University of Konstanz has allowed me to do so. Being completely taught in English and offering the opportunity to go abroad, were two key factors driving my decision to do my master’s at Konstanz University.

Due to my longstanding interest in Canada and Canadian-German/Canadian-European relations, I aimed at participating in the Ontario-Baden-Württemberg exchange program. However, it is worth mentioning that the University of Konstanz offers several possible destinations for studying abroad so there is likely something for everyone.

After a successful application process, my adventure at the University of Waterloo began in September 2018. I was able to join their Global Governance program at the Balsillie School. Personally, courses such as International Migration, Global Governance and Politics of International Trade peaked my interest.

In my opinion the most exciting and complimentary experience to the degree in Konstanz is the opportunity to participate in the Global Affairs Canada project. For this project, one works in a mixed team consisting of fellow students and PhD students from both programs offered by the Balsillie School: Global Governance and International Public Policy. The project requires one to develop a policy brief on a certain topic for Global Affairs Canada. This is a great way to practically apply theoretical knowledge and research.

All in all, I am very thankful for the opportunity to spend two semesters abroad in Canada during my master’s in Political Economy in Konstanz, which has been financially supported through the Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM. For me it has been a great way to strengthen my international orientation which I hope to maintain in my future work life. Moreover, it has allowed me to explore additional research areas of my interest which I consider relevant for my future career.

Doreen Hüls