Fabian Berr

Education: Diplom-Volkswirt (Degree in Economics), University of Munich
Research Interests: game theory, network economics, insurance markets
E-mail: Fabian.Berr (at) gmx.net


Johannes Buckenmaier

Education: Diplom-Mathematiker (Degree in Mathematics),
University of Konstanz
Research Interests:
decision and game theory, social choice
University of Cologne, Chair of Economics (Prof. Dr. Alós-Ferrer)
Office: 1.06
Phone: +49 (0)221/470-8310
buckenmaier (at) wiso.uni-koeln.de


Horatio Cuesdeanu

Education: MSc in Mathematical Finance, University of Konstanz
Research Interests:
 mathematical finance, derivatives, financial econometrics
F 330
+49 (0)7531 88 5353
E-mail: Horatio.Cuesdeanu (at) uni-konstanz.de


Michael Dörsam

Education: Diplom-Volkswirt (Degree in Economics), University of Mainz
Research Interests:
applied microeconomics, educational economics
F 221
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 3080
E-mail: Michael.Doersam (at) uni-konstanz.de


Vigile Fabella

Education: MA in Economics, University of the Philippines
Research Interests:
microeconomics, health economics
Z 927
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 4928
E-mail: vmfabella (at) gmail.com


Chen Fadong

Education: Msc in Management Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, China;
Bsc in Information Management and Information Systems, Northeastern University, China
Research Interests:
behavioural economics, experimental economics, behavioural decision making
Z 927 / F 312
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 4928
E-mail: Fadong.Chen (at) uni-konstanz.de


Thomas Hattenbach

Education: MSc in Economics, University of Konstanz
Research Interests:

F 233
+49 (0)7531 88 5125
E-mail: Thomas.Hattenbach (at) uni-konstanz.de


Pinar Kunt

Education: Diplom Volkswirtin (Degree in Economics), Heidelberg University
Research Interests: experimental and behavioural economics, industrial organization
Office: F 210
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 2153
E-mail: Pinar.Kunt (at) uni-konstanz.de


Xiangyu Li

Education:  BA in Economics, Peking University, P.R. China;
MSc in Economics, University of Bonn
Research Interests: 
Z 927
Phone: +49 (0) 7531 88 4928
E-mail: xiangyuli.soar (at) gmail.com


Michal Marencak

Education: MSc in Economics, University of Konstanz
Research Interests:

F 243
+49 (0)7531 88 2632
E-mail: Michal.Marencak (at) uni-konstanz.de


Jan Mellert

Education: MSc in Economics, University of Heidelberg
Research Interests: macroeconomics
Office: F 225
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 2193
E-mail: Jan.Mellert (at) uni-konstanz.de


Frederic Menninger

Education: MSc in Mathematical Finance Economics, University of Konstanz
Research Interests:
Corporate Finance
C 529/F 209
+49 (0)7531 88 4075
E-mail: Frederic.Menninger (at) uni-konstanz.de


Ghalib Minhas

Education: MSc in Economics/Econometrics, University of Stockholm;
MSc in Economics, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Research Interests: Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics
Office: F 219
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 3338
E-mail: Ghalib.Minhas (at) uni-konstanz.de


Joachim Plesch

Education: MA in International Economics, University of Konstanz;
B.S. in International Business, Northeastern University, Boston;
Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH), European School of Business Reutlingen
Research Interests: public economics, economic policy
Office: Z 918 
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 4746
E-mail: Joachim.Plesch (at) uni-konstanz.de


Timm Marc Prein

Education: MSc in Economics, Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms University Bonn
Research Interests:
International Macroeconomics, Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Applied Econometrics
F 232
+49 (0)7531 88 2189
E-mail: timm.prein (at) uni-konstanz.de


Sven Resnjanskij

Education: Diplom-Volkswirt (Degree in Economics), University of Konstanz 
Research Interests: behavioural economics (decision theory, salience);
economic development (consumer finance, unified growth)
Office: F 209
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 2195
E-mail: Sven.Resnjanskij (at) uni-konstanz.de


Alexandra Stürmer

Education: Diplom-Volkswirtin (Degree in Economics), University of Passau
Research Interests: game theory, network economics
E-mail: Alexandra.Stuermer (at) uni-konstanz.de


Philipp Stützle

Education: Diplom-Volkswirt (Degree in Economics), University of Konstanz
Research Interests: economics of education, political economy
E-mail: Philipp.Stuetzle (at) uni-konstanz.de


Liang Tong

Education: MSc in Economics & Management Science, Humboldt University Berlin
Research Interests:
International Macroeconomics, Applied Time Series Analysis, Bayesian Inference
F 232
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 2189
E-mail: liang.tong (at) uni-konstanz.de


Angelina Trofimova

Education: Diploma of Specialist in Mathematics and Economics,
Russian Plekhanov University of Economics
Research Interests: health economics, approaches to the economic evaluation of health and life, modelling and forecasting of social and demographic processes, econometrics, risk management
Office: F 215
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 2189
angelinatrof (at) gmail.com


Torsten Twardawski

Education: Diplom-Wirtschaftsmathematiker (Degree in Mathematical Economics), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Research Interests:

F 241
+49 (0)7531 88 4945
E-mail: Torsten.Twardawski (at) uni-konstanz.de


Fuzhen Wang

Research Interests: 
Office: F 243
Phone: +49 (0)7531 88 3496
E-mail: Fuzhen.Wang (at) uni-konstanz.de


Aygul Zagidullina

Education: MSc in Economics, University of Konstanz
Degree of Mathematical Economist, Russian Plekhanov University of Economics, Moscow
Research Interests:

F 309
+49 (0)7531 88 3753
E-mail: Aygul.Zagidullina (at) uni-konstanz.de


Iana Zborshchyk

Education: MSc in Economic Analysis, University of Carlos III, Madrid;
MA in Economic Theory, Economic Policy, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Research Interests:

Z 918
+49 (0)7531 88 4746
E-mail: zborshchyk (at) gmail.com


Nader Ramadhan Younus

Education: MA in Accounting, University of Duhok
Research Interests:
Corporate Governance, Earnings Management, Commercial Banks
Office: F 338
+49 (0)7531 88 3511
E-mail: nader.younus (at) uni-konstanz.de