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Improving teacher education for applied learning in the field of VET (ITE-VET)

In the field of vocational education and training (VET) quality has become one of the most relevant issues. Besides regulation patterns, curricula that fit the demand by labour markets and reliable and efficient organisations for the delivery of VET, one crucial "input variable" is the professionalisation of teachers working in the field of VET. For the quality of teacher training the mode in which teachers are trained has become more and more complex since teachers need to be experts in their vocational field, pedagogical and didactical experts who know how to teach effectively and they also need to know what young people to be trained expect when they start their career.

The project ITE-VET addresses these issues and wants to contribute to establishing a profound didactical understanding and underpinning of VET teacher programmes in the Ukrainian universities taking part in the project. Didactical and organisational inputs come from three EU countries with strong experience in VET teacher education. The project aims at newly created or revised curricula for VET teacher courses taking account of modern didactics, the importance of pedagogy in general, and also internship regulations that ensure that future teachers also can gain practical experience in schools and companies before they start their career. Hereby, the involvement and commitment of vocational schools, colleges and companies will be a crucial objective of the project.

It is intended that the project can contribute to raise awareness of securing a modern VET teacher education system in Ukraine, that it will underline the general social and economic importance of this professional group and that it will contribute to raising the status of teachers in the Ukrainian society in general. Besides, long-term impacts can be seen in a more functional and quality-minded approach to VET delivery in schools and companies.

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